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Break Through the Cycle of Fear and Choose the Cycle of Courage



Dr. Kallschmidt speaks about overcoming fear by telling her story about her transition from a rural, southern, homeschooler to a Ph.D. who has conducted research on social identities in several large and elite organizations across the U.S. She shares vulnerable stories of how fear influenced her own biases, how these fears harmed her personally, and how confronting these fears improved her leadership and life in general. Her stories allow her audience to reflect on their own fears without shame.


After hearing Dr. Kallschmidt speak, your audience will be empowered to take initiative in their own life and work and have tools to help them shift from the Cycle of Fear to the Cycle of Courage. She leaves her audience with step-by-step tips on how to have courageous conversations about topics they fear while building trust and boosting psychological safety in their workplaces. 

After hearing Dr. Kallschmidt speak, your audience will:

  • Bolster Teamwork: Gain a new perspective on teammates they identify as “other.”

  • Improve Communication: Implement techniques to improve idea sharing and conflict resolution.

  • Identify strengths: Distinguish between accountability and shame.

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