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Are lower social class origins stigmatized at work?

The first published article in industrial-organizational psychology to identify a low-income background as a stigmatized identity in the workplace after employees experience social class mobility. 

The rise of the noxious contract: Job safety in the Covid-19 crisis. 

This article examines the "risk divide" between the pandemic classes of workers (i.e., remote or face-to-face), and their sentiments towards each other. Data was collected during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Book Chapters

Evaluation of Cross-Cultural Training

Chapter 9 in the 2021 Winner of the William B. Gudykunst Outstanding Book Award! This chapter summarizes the vast literature on the evaluation of cross-cultural training (CCT) programs. The authors analysis suggests a large gap between optimal training evaluations and the reality of existing empirical research. The authors categorize the effectiveness of CCT according to Kirkpatrick's four levels of training evaluation. They also provide best practices for design and delivery of training. 

The Cambridge Handbook of Intercultural Training, Cross-Cultural Training, Dr. Anna Kallschmidt, Inclusive Leadership Expert, Cultural Competence Speaker, Inclusive Leadership Development, Inclusive Organizational Culture

Coming Soon: Navigating the Ph.D.

A collection of essay from diverse former and recently-graduate Ph.D. students who describe their personal journeys through a broad range of distinct challenges and opportunities within the academy. This book takes an intersectional approach to these issues by having chapters with authors from multiple social identities. Dr. Kallschmidt's chapters include "The unwritten rules of academia: Navigating the academy with a working-class background" and "Workplace bullying in the academy."

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