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Social Class Background and Workplace Norms Research Lab

Project type



September 2020-May 2022


United States - Remote

Led and trained a mixed-methods research lab to conduct the study, the Unwritten Rules of Work. I designed the job analysis and selection system to select 15 research assistants. I trained them on foundational psychological and organizational science principles, data collection and analysis, and cultural awareness. Together, we collected 64 in-depth interviews, transcribed, and analyzed the data to develop two papers. Both papers have been presented at global conferences, the first at the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology in 2021, and the second at the Academy of Management 2021. After the project was completed, the research assistants transferred their new skills to move on to great accomplishments, including employment and prestigious educational opportunities.

"Anna was both my lecturer and my former boss while I was beginning to venture into the field of Industrial/Organizational psychology. Anna is a force embodying positive energy, leadership, and commitment to every project and course she sets her mind to. Not only was she an understanding, compromising, educational, and approachable supervisor, she also encouraged and empowered minorities and young ladies to harness their fullest potential in the workforce. As her former student and research assistant, I am very grateful to have met a professional, grounded, and passionate young lady. I am excited to hear what Anna does in the future and I have no doubt she will make a global impact with her societal justice education, knowledge, and optimistic perspectives." - Rochelle Camino Oliver, Research Assistant, Columbia University

"I worked under Anna as a research assistant, investigating social class backgrounds and workplace norms at the intersection of race and gender. During my time as her research assistant, I most valued her communication and leadership, her ability to teach complex topics and research methods in a way that was easy to understand, and her deep respect and consideration for her RAs' work while also providing detailed feedback. Above all, her mentorship had an immeasurable impact on my growth as a student. I am so thankful for Dr. Kallschmidt and her overall support, and would not be where I am if not for her!" - Natasha Harris, Research Assistant, Duke University and NSLI-Y Scholar

"I worked under Anna for her qualitative study on social class background and workplace norms. Anna embodied all of the qualities of a great leader: communication, dependability, inspiration, adaptability, authenticity, and passion. Anna put a huge emphasis on growth and was incredible at providing useful feedback, offering education on professional development, and making herself available to us for guidance. She showed that she truly cared about our growth in a way that I have rarely seen from other managers. She was also extremely authentic and welcoming and knew how to unify our diverse team. Her passion and inspirational way of speaking also made our small team feel like we were a part of something huge. I owe a lot of my professional maturation to Anna and it would be an honor and pleasure to work for her again in the future." - Donya Ardalan, Research Assistant, California Care Recovery

"Anna is my project director for the social class mobility and workplace norms study. Anna exemplifies transformational leadership in how she manages myself and the other research assistants on this team. She offers highly effective professional development trainings in a culturally sensitive manner, cares about each team members’ sense of belonging on the team and their career trajectory aspirations, and knows how to meet team members where they are. She has a welcoming way of communicating and has a team-first mentality that brings team members together to work effectively as a unit. She knows how to lead and make decisions in an inclusive and charismatic manner. She is a pleasure to work for. Thank you, Anna." - Bianca Marconcini, Senior Research Assistant, Community Legal Services

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