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Developing Competency Model and Structured Interviews

Project type

Competency Model, Structured Interviews, Selection


January 2018-April 2018


Florida International University, Miami, FL

In Spring 2018 Dr. Kallschmidt was on a consulting project with four other consultants. They were tasked with creating structured interviews for all of the university executives, director level and higher. This encompassed developing competencies and questions that would be valid for performance in over 200 jobs.

Together, we broke the project into five deliverables: 1: Identifying the job performance competencies, 2. Developing five questions for each competency, 3. Creating behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) for each question, 4. Designing a User’s Manual for the Interviewers, and 5. Writing the technical report.

All five deliverables were accepted by the client.

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