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DEI Project Lead - Federal Client

Project type

Project Management, DEI


October 2022-September 2023


Washington, D.C.

Led team of six employees in agency-wide DEIA effort. Proposed and received approval for several efforts to fit into their goals of 1. Culture 2. Recruitment and advancement. Supervised and created content development including:
Weekly DEIA talking points for meetings
Monthly DEIA e-mail updates
Bi-monthly newsletters
Quarterly training (designed by Dr. K)
Monthly meetings with wg members
Quarterly updates with ESG
What I wish I knew initiative
Focus groups
Climate survey

Resulted in positive qualitative and quantitative feedback from agency employees and leaders.

"Thanks for your session on “Understanding Cultural Identities at Work”. The discussion of your research really made me think about the differences between 'marginalized' and 'privileged' in the workplace." - Mike Thompson, Assistant Deputy Administrator.

"I had the pleasure of working with Anna when I was first assigned to a DEIA initiative on which Anna was the primary SME and our DEIA vendor's POC. I quickly learned that this was an excellent connection as I was able to learn so much about so many different facets of DEIA from her. She is knowledgeable and extraordinarily passionate about the subject and contributed significantly to our agency's efforts. Anna worked hard and was able to not only support the long-range planning we sought but successfully implemented a wide variety of tasks as well. Although I represented the client, I soon realized that the best course of action was usually to follow her lead, and doing so led to excellent outcomes that we continue to leverage despite her now having departed from that position. I strongly recommend Anna to anyone seeking subject matter expertise or other guidance in the DEIA field." John Gaffney, Senior Advisor

Completed when I was a senior consultant for Strategy Consulting Team.

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