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Process Evaluation

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November 2022 - February 2023


Boys and Girls Club of North Central Florida, Perry, FL

This evaluation sought to answer the overall question, does the onboarding training provide AmeriCorps members the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively meet the member service expectations outlined in the member descriptions?
To answer this question, the evaluator assessed the following three research questions:
Do members know the member description expectations?
Does the onboarding training align with leader expectations of AmeriCorps members?
Are there differences in the quality of the training and development received at the various site locations?

Dr. Kallschmidt analyzed the first three levels in the Kirkpatrick model: measuring employees' reactions to the training program, what they learned from the program, and behaviors observed on the job. She also provided recommendations of how to improve the program.

Dr. Kallschmidt delivered the report on time and received positive feedback from the client:
"I hired Anna to complete an evaluation for our AmeriCorps program. Anna provided an objective and unbiased assessment of our program and identified areas of success and areas where improvement was needed. Anna is professional, proficient, and insightful." - Emily Ketring, Director of the Boys and Girls Club of North Central Florida

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